BNI London


London Branch or BNI London was established on 29 December 1986 based on license issued by Bank of England – Banking Supervision Division No. 3189d. BNI London is under supervision of Financial Services Authority (FSA) with register number 204622.

Until now, BNI London is the only Indonesian bank having branch license to operate in UK, located in strategic financial center in London which complete address as below

BNI London offer various banking products and services as follow :

Loan :

  • Syndicated Loan
  • Term Loan
  • Stand by Loan
  • Working Capital Loan
  • Investment Loan
  • Shipping Loan
  • Mortgage

Trade Finance Services :

  • Documentary Credit Import
  • Documentary Credit Export
  • Guarantee
  • Collections (inwards and outwards)

Trade Facilities :

  • Import Financing
  • Overdraft / charges
  • FX : spot and or forward

Remittances :

  • IDR remittances to Indonesia
  • USD/GBP/EUR payment
  • Nostro account